About us

Multi Tech Solutions (Pvt) Ltd. provide professional Project Management and Consultancy services for extensive range of clientele facilitating small to large scale organizations to fulfil their strategic objectives. Effective Project Management is critical in ensuring that a project is completed to programme, within budget whilst meeting its quality. MTS apply best practices and management skills developed throughout many years of experience to deliver projects with outstanding performance.

We specialize in Consultancy Services in sectors such as Agriculture, Construction & Engineering, Irrigation & Water management, Transportation, Health, Nutrition & Hygiene, Vocational Training and Education by conducting comprehensive procedure study, developing manuals and process reengineering. Our team engage in Research related studies focusing on crosscutting themes like, Social cohesion, Economy, Environment, Entrepreneur Development and Gender related studies. We conduct surveys, gap assessment and impact studies and operate in an array of key activities within a project from designing, planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating.

MTS utilizes expertise, skills and experience of our professional team to service across the public and private sectors and organizations established for societal benefit and not for profit. Our team composed of strong academic and industry background with proven track records of successful achievements to deliver projects beyond client’s expectations regardless of its magnitude or complexity.

Director’s Message

The field of consultancy is a fast moving sector which is directly linked to the socio economic environmental structure of Sri Lanka. This challenging industry is driven by the total satisfaction we give to our global and local client network. A consultancy firm should be well equipped with a versatile knowledge base, inclusive in-depth experiences and a sound command. It is crucial for a consultancy firm to possess a diversified services span to grant total satisfaction to their clients. It shouldn’t be just a set of advises, but a comprehensive implementation strategy to deliver best results. We consider our clients as the core of our business. So we, multi tech solutions provide an outstanding and a versatile platform our clients in order to cater their requirements. We provide novel strategies which made us extra ordinary in this field. Our consultancy solutions entails excellent quality and assure standards in a client environment. We develop innovative strategies for our clients through customer research, market consultation, growth workshop, event management, corporate training, analytical briefings, along with growth partnership services. Joining with us at Multi Tech Solutions, I assure that you will get best and quality results.


To be the most trusted and respected professional service delivering excellence.


Our mission is to provide comprehensive solutions, combining innovation and appropriate best practices through delivery of quality services on time to the best satisfaction of the client.


we provide insights that help our clients achieve exceptional results, and our heritage in shareholder value management is an assets to our clients ability to build value.

After rigorous hiring process, Area & Co consultant work together, with confidence, to offer our clients highly specialized, innovative assistance.